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Evento Casa is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to have the pleasure of tasting an espresso of the Italian tradition in the comfort of their home, with the best single-origin coffee blends of the Portioli Group available in single-dose capsules to be used with the MissP coffee machine, designed specifically for domestic use.

Anyone who purchases Casa di Evento Portioli will receive, in addition to the MissP espresso capsule machine, two coffee packs containing 16 capsules each, in the Espresso all'Italiana varieties, a timeless classic, and Honduras, a sweet and fruity blend that awakens aromas soothed to the palate. a set of flavors to taste alone or in company.

Each capsule of coffee contained in the Event House can be tasted with the cups that the Portioli Group has decided to create for the occasion, in fact in the package that will arrive you will also find 6 espresso cups from the Mosaic collection, made of porcelain and complete with saucer, and characterized by a graphic style that closely resembles every single chromatic note that distinguishes the various single origin.

Choosing to buy Casa, the promotion of Event Portioli designed to bring the quality of roasting bar into the home, you will then have the opportunity to enjoy your daily espresso directly at home, at any time, a pleasure to share thanks to single-origin capsules that preserve the typical aromas of the land of origin unaltered.

Contents of the package Casa di Portioli Event:

• The MissP espresso and cappuccino machine
• 32 single-origin Portioli coffee capsules (16 Espresso all'Italiana, 16 Honduras)
• 6 Mosaic espresso cups

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